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Muscle: 5 real facts

The word ‘muscle’ is quite evocative in the fitness media. Muscle is good, fat is bad.  Every fitness promise is built upon the guarantee to build, sculpt, tone, lengthen, strengthen it. The flexed bicep is a universal symbol for strength, power and vitality. From a biological and evolutionary perspective it makes sense that muscle is…
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8 Gym equipment items you (might) need: Part 2

(Click here to see numbers 1-4 in Part 1) This is a continuation of the list of useful (but by no means essential) things to use at the gym to help you make progress. There are million gimmicky gym kit ‘essentials’ out there, but I’ve selected a few that I both think could help you…
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Intermediate Template 1

Experience Level: 2-4 years Frequency: 3 days a week, 1 hour each session Type of template: Training splits, compound and accessory movements This template is for those who have completed around 2 years of training, (consistently going 3 times per week and training with intent and intensity, if you spend all your time in between…
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The 5 core exercises

Out of the thousands of different variations of exercise out there, this is my list of exercises that you need. Your whole routine should be based around these 6, and if your goal is to create a powerful and strong functional physique then these will all do that. In fact no matter your goal these…
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