Month: June 2015

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I don’t care about training like I used to

I shut the car door, hands shivering slightly as I turned the ignition and then the heaters to full blast.  As the layer of ice on the windshield slowly began to thin, I shut my eyes for a few seconds, considering whether I wanted to do this. It was 1am.  The past 20 hours had…
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Relative or absolute strength?

Strength-to-weight ratio refers to the amount of weight you can lift proportional to your bodyweight. Much like calling someone the best ‘pound-for-pound’ boxer it means that despite the myriad different body types, shapes and sizes we can still have a meaningful method for comparing each others strength. So for example the heaviest deadlift ever is…
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I’m losing my gains!

If there is one take away message the fitness and especially the supplement industry wants you to digest, store and tattoo onto the inside of your eyelids, it’s the fear of losing your gains. This can be applied to any form of training where progressive improvement is involved, but it’s particularly prevalent in the Narnia-esque…
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