Month: July 2015

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Do what you hate, more

So, you’ve got over the initial hump of making the gym a habit.  You’ve been past the honeymoon period where lifting that first weight felt amazing, and you’ve got past the 2 month sticking point where most people give up (normally around the middle of February). You can call yourself a regular gym-goer and you’ve…
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It’s not all about hard work

The world of professional sports has recently been very kind to the media industry, in that there seems to be plenty of scandal to write about. Specifically, the question of doping and performance enhancement. There has been the ongoing saga of Justin Gatlin’s ‘moral’ eligibility to compete after serving two drug bans, exacerbated by his…
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Why you don’t need a hundred ways to train your abdominals

I personally find long and convoluted ab workouts quite tedious and unnecessary.  As I keep repeating doing more crunches or reps will not get you looking ripped any faster, or indeed at all. It really is mostly diet and bodyfat. The important thing to remember is that when you train your abdominals you’re not training…
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Who’s right??

The internet could rightly claim it’s place as one of, if not the most, useful and game-changing inventions in human history. I was talking about this with someone the other day.  As an individual today with access to the internet the opportunities open to you are literally endless- no where in the world is too…
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