The Deadlift Challenge: Week 2

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The Deadlift Challenge: Week 2

Max as tested on 10/01/2015- 220 kgs

Week 2: 80% of max (176 kgs rounded up to 180 kgs) 4 sets of 3 reps


180 kg, 80 kg each side plus the 20 kg Olympic bar

As in Week 1 at this early stage of the build-up to a new max I’m going for speed and form to try and build up my base level of strength.

The idea is to get used to handling 80-85% of your max for a number of reps and sets, which should hopefully condition the CNS and the muscles to be able to handle a heavier top end weight.

As last week here’s the video of one of my sets, so you can see the form and the speed.

I think this was my third set of four, so you can see the last rep was a bit slow at the top.

This is partly to do with fatigue, as my upper back can’t hold its position properly in the top of the movement which means it is more difficult to get my hips under the bar.

Doing rep work like this will help, but I’m also incoporating another movement to assist with this- the pause deadlift.

This basically works by breaking the weight off the floor stopping to hold it in the most mechanically disadvantaged portion of the lift- a few inches off the ground.

From there you complete the movement.  What this does is take the momentum out of the lift and any speed that you generated from using your legs to press it off the ground, and puts all the stress on your upper, lower back and hamstrings to complete the lift.

It’s a great way to develop the strength of the entire back musculature, and should help to lockout the heavier weights.

This session I went to 150 kg for a set of 2 for these pause reps, and I’ll be looking to increase as we go along.

Here’s the video.

(apologies again for the less-than-optimum camera angles, was working on my own in a busy gym)

So far, so good.  Next time we’ll start moving towards the big boy weights.

Next week: 85% of my 1RM, 190 kg (418 lbs) 4 sets of 2 reps.

How are all your challenges going? Comment and please like and share!

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