The Deadlift Challenge: Week 3

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The Deadlift Challenge: Week 3

Max as tested on 10/01/2015- 220 kgs

Week 3: 85% of max (190 kgs) 4 sets of 2 reps


Starting to get into the bigger weights now, and the sessions are getting more intense.

The reps are down, but as I get closer to my old max the need to focus and concentrate on completing each rep is key.

I’m still a little way off, so I’m still confident on hitting all my prescribed reps, but what is important is to train your mentality as much as your physical body when working up like this.

A lot of deadlifting is about confidence.  As I mentioned in my article on how to do it one big disadvantage you have compared to most other exercises is that you can’t ‘feel’ the weight before you lift it.

This can work favourably or unfavourably for you, depending on your mentality.

If you are confident and mentally prepared, then not feeling the weight can be an advantage in that there’s no time to be distracted from knowing you’re going to smoke it: compare this to getting pumped up to bench press a big weight then unracking the bar and thinking ‘this is heavy’.  It can dent your belief.

Alternatively, if you are already doubting how the weight is going to feel then not being able to test it can make you even less confident.

In this way deadlfiting is a pretty much all or nothing exercise.

Testing a weight you have never tried before is like jumping off a cliff for the first time.  You can’t lower yourself down, you either launch or you don’t.

But you can explore the water below first, which is what we’re doing here.

We’re obviously training the body, but equally we’re preparing the mind by building layers of confidence that means we can be in no doubt come test day.

Here’s how week 3 went, with 190 kg (418 lbs) for 4 sets of 2 reps :

After these sets I went through the pause reps routine with 160 kgs and 170kgs.

As I feel my upper back needs direct work I’m also focusing on another accessory exercise: supported rows.

This helps to target the upper back area to help it support the spine and lockout.  After this I finished with some pull-ups to stretch and make sure my entire back was 100% worked.

Next week: 180 kgs 3 sets of 5 reps

How are your challenges going? 

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  1. Shandra says:

    Hi there! I was noticing that there haven’t been any bgploosts since November and the same for the FB group. Is this page still active?! I am of Masters age for the 40-45/9 groups and was hoping to find some support out here. Thanks! ~j

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