The Deadlift Challenge: Halfway (Week 5)

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The Deadlift Challenge: Halfway (Week 5)

Max as tested on 10/01/2015- 220 kgs

Week 5: 85% of max (190 kgs) 3 sets of 3 reps

We’re halfway to a new maximum effort.

As a recap, my all-time PR is 230 kgs (506 lbs), with my max tested 5 weeks ago at 220 kgs.

After spending the first three weeks doing 4-5 sets of between 2-5 reps I’m now starting to up the weight and lower the reps.

Each week I’m trying to get stronger by conditioning my body to handle progressively heavier weight for more reps, which should help me to break a new PR at the end.

The logic is if you can handle the 180 kgs for 5 reps you should have a 1 rep max higher than someone who can only do it for 3. 

It dosn’t always work out like that because some people are more pre-disposed to reps rather than single lift strength but the principle is to condition the mind as well.

In week 2 I completed 180 kgs for 4 sets of 3 reps each; now three weeks later I have to hit 190 kgs for 3 reps, for 3 sets.

If I can handle it, then it shows me that I am getting stronger in the 3 rep range. 

So how did it go?


Here’s the video:

This was set 3, and as you can see, the last rep was a real grind! Kinda of ugly, but I finished it!

In general, you want to try and avoid these kind of grinding slow reps because they really wear you out.  But sometimes you have to get the job done.

Halfway there 

Having laid a base these past 5 weeks I’m about to start hitting the heavy weights in the coming weeks.

This workout was the first really tough one and it’s reinforced the need to be focused and prepared for each session as much as possible.

The reality is that if you want to keep getting stronger and break PR’s you have got to be working hard each and every time.  If a workout is a breeze, you’re not trying hard enough!

Not working hard enough = no need for the body to adapt = no results.

Obviously though you don’t want to over train- the key is applied intensity for short bursts during the session.  If you were shooting for 3 and every rep is a grind like my third, then the likelihood is that the weight is too heavy.  You’ll burn out, or get injured.

As always, train hard and smart.  Experience will help you get to know what you find too hard, but as a rough guide reps or sets shouldn’t be leaving you seeing stars.  The best results are made through pushing hard and close to the line, but not still feeling broken two days later.

Right now I would say I feel fairly confident that my strength is improving, and I’m pretty sure 190kgs for 3 sets of 3 beltless a month ago wouldn’t have been possible, so I’m hoping to see some good results come test day.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away.  Hope you guys are too.

Next week: 200 kgs 3 sets of 1

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