The Deadlift Challenge: keeping the momentum

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The Deadlift Challenge: keeping the momentum

Max as tested on 10/01/2015- 220 kgs

Week 7: 85% of max (190 kgs) 3 sets of 5 reps

So, straight up, this workout basically did not happen.

Having got back from travelling the day before I went to the gym to try and bust out this workout but I could tell it wasn’t going to happen.  Jet lag and 30 hours of travelling do that.

Nonetheless I loaded up the bar and tried to get it going.

First set I got the 190kgs for 3 but the energy wasn’t there and I decided to be smart and not carry on and risk injury.

As before however, when workouts haven’t gone to plan I just modified it- I still needed to get a workout done after a couple of weeks off.

Part of the success of this deadlift challenge, or any challenge like it, is to do with momentum.  The idea is that you push your body hard over the course of the programme, getting mentally ready and physically ready and used to hitting the big numbers so that when test day rolls around, you’re confident.

Circumstances can get in the way of that momentum, and I would bet that it is difficult for anyone with a busy schedule, job and life to have almost 3 months of uninterrupted workouts that go to plan.

Things come up unexpectedly.  Or you are away for a while, either on holiday or for work.  You might get ill during this time.

When this happens the rule of consistency for results is more important than ever.

Unless you’re ill or injured it’s still crucial to get yourself in there and keep the momentum going.

As in this case there was no way I was going to be able to complete the planned workout.  I was too tired, and I hadn’t trained for a couple of weeks.

So I lowered the weight a bit, and changed the exercise. 

Instead of 5 reps of 190 kgs for 3 I added a two-inch deficit and did 180 kgs for 3 x 3 using straps (to take the pressure off of having to grip the bar).

Then I did pull-ups to failure and some supported rows.

The result was I still got a good workout in, but within my capabilities at the time- I felt worked but not exhausted at the end.

Most importantly it helped to kick my body back into the rhythm of training again. 

We will find out when I resume the program next weekend, but hopefully because of this workout I haven’t lost too much momentum.

It’s not about making excuses but making the best of the situations.

I’m going to be back training hard this week, and we’ll be back on track by next weekend.

If you’re following along or tackling your own challenge, then I hope it’s still going strong.

Keep the momentum going.  There’s just a few big weeks left to get that PR.

Next week: the challenge resumes.


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  1. Jonny Ho says:

    Good post Steve – I think the idea of being flexible and listening to your body’s needs rather than blindly forcing it through the planned workout shows great disclipline and commitment to a longer-term training schedule

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