What’s your mentality?

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What’s your mentality?

The right attitude. 

These are words we all hear at some point, often from our teachers or our parents in reference to our performance at school.  You need to have the right attitude to succeed, they would say.

And they we absolutely right; having the right mental approach to any task will increase its likelihood of success before you even start.

I believe that everyone who wants to be fit and healthy should be able to reach their goal. I also believe that to reach that goal training and fitness is a mentality and a lifestyle. Having the right attitude.

That however is a truth that many involved in the fitness industry don’t want you to believe. In today’s have-it-all-in-an-instant culture it is more profitable to flood the market with confusing information and promises of get fit quick schemes that get you nowhere but frustrated with a lighter bank account

If you’re looking for training secrets or magic potions then I’m afraid this blog is not for you.

The truth is that the road to sustainable strength and fitness is one that requires both motivation and knowledge.

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I can’t really help you with the motivation; that has to come from within.  But I firmly believe that there are many motivated individuals out there who are wasting their effort by trying to follow the confusing mass of information out there, not knowing who or what to believe.

This blog wants to cut through the bs and create a space where the self-motivated can seek knowledge and advice to create a template that efficiently channels their efforts and leads to lasting results.

Why should you listen to me?  I’m not a fitness professional but this I believe is in my favour; I pursue fitness and training knowledge even though it is not my job.  I’m not paid to know about this stuff.

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I spend hours researching, reading and lifting in the gym around my regular job  simply because I love it and I have a genuine fascination with the human body and its potential.

I’ve spent the last 10 years learning from experience and trying to separate the truth from the lies, to know what is effective and what is not.

I have no bias towards anyone or anything; my objective is just to know as much as I can so I can make the most of my physical self.

I want people to learn from the mistakes I have made and gain clarity on how to effectively and efficiently achieve their training goals.

What is your mentality?  If you have the motivation and awareness to believe that hard work, knowledge and consistency are the true components to achieving fitness goals then you are exactly who this is for.



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