ALL-time PR: The Deadlift Challenge

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ALL-time PR: The Deadlift Challenge

Max as tested 10/01/2015 : 220 kgs (495 lbs)

Goal: Beat my tested max, and attempt to beat my all-time personal record of 230 kgs (506 lbs)

Program: 10 week cycle utilising percentages of current max to progressively build strength and conditioning the Central Nervous System (CNS) by increasing weight but lowering volume to a peak re-test.

For full details of the cycle plan and weights used, see my original Deadlift Challenge post.

The short version: I broke my all-time PR and deadlifted 240 kgs (528 lbs).

Here’s the video (had no-one to film it this time so had to rely on the less than ideal services of ‘bench-cam’).

Not very clean, and a bit of a hitch but I got it.  

So it’s finally come to an end.  What was originally a 10 week program that would have taken me through to the end of March has actually taken me a few weeks longer, due to being away, picking up small injuries and schedule disrupting my training.

As I said in the original post, I knew it would happen: even with the best intentions it’s not possible to have a smooth run of uninterrupted training unless you’re a pro athlete.

But the important thing was to have a plan, and do your best to keep to it.  I’ve been away for a total of 3 weeks during this challenge where I didn’t train at all, not to mention various weekends and trips for work which have meant I’ve rarely had the chance to train under ‘optimal’ conditions, where I’ve been totally rested and fresh.

But because I’ve felt an accountability to myself, and also to you, plus having a plan I’ve always kept the main goal in sight and did whatever I could to get here in the end.

It could have been better, but I’m pretty happy.  At this stage of my training career putting on 20 kgs (45 lbs) to your maximum is good going.  I also managed to hit 220 kgs twice in this session, which I have never done before.

I hope that I’ve shown how using the percentage cycle method CAN lead to results, and maybe given you a bit of impetus to take on your own challenges.

For me, this challenge encapsulates my philosophy on training and getting results.

  1. You MUST have a plan
  2. You must do your best every session to execute that plan
  3. Accept that obstacles/disruptions will come along, but keep you mind on the end goal
  4. Once you get there, reset, and aim for more next time.

You get results from applied, consistent effort over time.  Fast and easy are not two words you ever associate with anything worthwhile.

Above all, I’ve stayed motivated because I’ve enjoyed this challenge and the challenge of testing my strength and mental resolve.  This can be applied to any physical challenge, be it endurance running, bodyweight exercise or getting a PB on a 10 km.

I’m going to take a week off from deadlifting and reset myself before I think of a new, different thing I want to improve.  

Watch this space!

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