The fitness industry is part of the matrix

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The fitness industry is part of the matrix

I’m sure most people reading this have seen The Matrix, where humans are living in a virtual reality façade that mask the ugly reality of the world where they are used as slaves to power the machine overlords.

In a parallel I’m sure the filmmakers intended to draw the modern world essentially operates in the same way:  the masses work for the system and are kept distracted through sensory overload and the creation of a false utopia of life and what constitutes success.

In a materialistic society every industry is trying to sell not only a product, but an aspiration.

Money is the reason for everything

Before I turn this into some sort of existential monologue I’ll get to the point: the fitness and ‘health’ industry is a big part of the matrix  in which we live.  And it is driven by money like everything else.

The cliché of always telling the customer what they want to hear could not be more applicable to the fitness industry.  Who wants someone telling them that something is hard?

That to lose weight you need to make some sacrifices and make better, but more difficult decisions?

That building muscle takes years of concerted, consistent effort?

Or would people in general rather be told they can have everything they want yesterday without limiting themselves or compromising anything in their lives?

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I appreciate that by reading this blog I’m not talking about people like you, but I just want to be clear that training and fitness is simple.  But it is not easy.  In order to be fit and strong you need motivation, focus and knowledge with a strong dose of dedication; they haven’t invented a product that can give you any of those, and certainly not in 6 weeks.

But belief in shortcuts, encouraged by the industry chasing profits, is what makes the industry thrive and Men’s Health selling every week (the ability of which to maintain a weekly avid readership when essentially repeating itself still mystifies me).

The people selling the powders, the fad celebrity routines, the gimmicky equipment, they don’t want you to ever really get in shape, otherwise who are they going to sell their next “10 days to 10 lbs of muscle” routine to next?

I’ll be honest; I believed the matrix myself when I first started.

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I thought these professionals were giving me good advice.  It wasn’t that I wanted a shortcut but I believed the products could get me somewhere fast.  As I have followed my journey the layers have been peeling back, until I saw beneath the façade.

But far from being dispiriting ever since I have never felt more in control of my training and my ambitions.

Knowledge really does empower us.

As this blog evolves I want to continue to unravel the matrix and empower likeminded, motivated individuals to improve themselves through intelligent and well directed training.  I’ll regularly be giving opinions on fitness topics as well as developing training templates and guides which cut out all the bs and provide a basis to start a training journey.

As with anything in life, the best results come from planning, knowledge and execution; fitness and training are no different. 

There are no shortcuts or magic potions.  You yourself must take ownership of your journey.  What is the most important thing you possess?  Your health.  Invest the time and effort into knowing how to live up to your physical potential and get into good habits early that don’t waste your time and get the maximum results.

I’ll be here with the template on how to start.

For a Beginners Template click here

For an Intermediate Template click here

For an Advanced Template click here



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