Training truths #1: There are no secret formulas

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Training truths #1: There are no secret formulas

There is no such thing as a secret formula If want to get a degree you have to study. If you want to play an instrument you have to practice.  If you want to build a house you have to start laying the foundations.

Why does this seem obvious? Because it is, but for some reason this logic doesn’t seem to exist when people think of fitness.

If you want to be in shape, strong and fit you need to put in the effort. Being in shape is simple, but it is not easy and it takes time.

I am pretty astounded how magazines can be written and celebrity workouts devised week after week on a subject that is actually pretty simple: doing activity burns calories, eating food puts in calories.

Ok, so there’s slightly more to it but in essence the fitness industry is built upon the idea that there is a way you can lose weight/build muscle without breaking a sweat. Disclaimer: there is not.

Training is a commitment

There’s no one out there claiming you can be a doctor in 10 weeks by studying 30 minutes a week but there’s plenty who will say you can look like a fitness model in 8 from doing exercises at your desk twice a week without getting out of your chair.

In reality to achieve either you are going to have to work extremely hard and consistently over a number of years, but which why does the latter seem less of a fantasy?

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It is sad to say but this false hope is the reason the fitness industry is worth billions, directly targeting people’s ignorance and laziness to sell them the equivalent of magic beans.

They are responsible for constructing this bizarre façade that when it comes to getting in shape and that apparently minimal effort + minimal time = maximum results. There is probably no such equation in any facet of the world and such a notion should be laughable but because of misinformation people are ready to believe it.

They want you to be confused and believe it because that means profits for years to come from people looking for the equivalent of the philosopher’s stone.

However once you have accepted this truth you are not only going to save a lot of time and money you can actually begin to tread the path towards being in shape with real purpose and results.


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