Training Truths #2: Consistency is the most important part of your training

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Training Truths #2: Consistency is the most important part of your training

Consistency over time breeds results- as I have said if you’re looking for a secret tip to getting in shape/ripped/huge etc. in 3 months then you may as well stop reading now. As a pure beginner you will see initial quick changes but after your first year the change will slow drastically.

Simply put if you are natural (i.e. not on any performance enhancing drugs) you need to be in this for the long haul, as well as being fairly dedicated.

Forget fad diets or workouts if you want to do this right, for long-term results exercise this needs to be a part of your life. But anything worth having is hard right?

As a bonus generally speaking the longer it takes to build the more solid it is- crash diet 15 lbs in 3 weeks and the chances are you’ll put it all back once you stop. Make a lifestyle change however and slowly changing your habits to make you healthier might see the 15 lbs come off in 4 – 5 months, but the habits you have formed mean they probably won’t come back.

With consistency you also need a solid program that is effective. 

Check out the templates for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees to find a simple program to follow.  Remember results take time and it is better to get the form down and the good habits ingrained early, upon which you can build your physique and the complexity of your workouts as you advance.

Click for a Beginners Template.

Click for an Intermediate Template.

Click for an Advanced Template.


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