Training Truths #3: You can’t beat your genetics, sorry

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Training Truths #3: You can’t beat your genetics, sorry

No-one can beat their genetics– This one may be harder to accept in today’s sky’s-the-limit-if-you-want-it-bad-enough false promise but despite what the fitness industry and trainers may want you to believe you can’t beat nature. By nature, I mean your physical potential.

For example in terms of muscle-building this is your testosterone level, the hormone crucial to building and maintaining muscle mass.

Without external help (i.e. testosterone injections i.e. PEDs) there is a limit to how big you can get, regardless of how you train or how much you eat.

Just like your height or the length of your legs you simply can’t hold more muscle than nature has defined for you.

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Hormones are everything

If you doubt how crucial and powerful this hormone is then just look at the difference in men and women.

Men have around 20 times more testosterone, and as a result they are much bigger, physically stronger and hold more muscle along with all the masculine characteristics of having a deep voice, facial hair etc.

Put an untrained man and woman of equal age and weight on an indentical weight training program and the man will always be in front, no matter how hard the woman works or how much more dedicated she is.  Dedication is vital, but hormones are the most important determinant of your muscular potential.

‘Wanting it more’ will not increase your genetic potentiazl, at least not naturally.

This is possibly the single biggest lie of the fitness industry. What if people realized and accepted they had a limit and that no supplement, regime or secret tip short of taking steroids would take them past it?

They would realize that there is no point in searching for secret elixirs and as a result the supplement and fitness game would probably collapse.


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