Training Truths #4: Performance Enhancing Drugs are EVERYWHERE

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Training Truths #4: Performance Enhancing Drugs are EVERYWHERE

Drugs are rife in the industry and pro sports: don’t use them as benchmarks- Following on from point 2 is the fact that it is in the interest of business to sell a false façade and keep the consumer buying and the gravy train rolling.

The simple truth is that a huge majority, if not all, elite level sportspeople or fitness models are using ‘external assistance’ to look and perform the way they do.

When I first started training I truly believed that if I worked hard enough in the gym, ate right, and consumed the supplements advertised by the pros that I too could be like them, or at least get close to their physiques.

So you buy the protein powders, eat your 5 meals a day and promise yourself that you’re going to train till you pop. After a while you have made some gains, but you still don’t remotely resemble your idols and what’s more the longer you do it the slower progress becomes.

Meanwhile there are sport and movie stars who are talking about putting on 20 lbs of lean mass in 2 months, or coming back from tearing a muscle in 2 weeks.

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No results? You just didn’t work hard enough

The most common industry concocted card for explaining this is the concept of ‘elite genetics’, closely followed by, ‘you just don’t want it/work hard enough’. In the case of the movie guys they will be telling everyone how working out 3 times a day and eating horse meat 5 times a day for 6 months got them there.

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This is the backup to the first lie of the industry, the idea that the top guys and girls are just more blessed and more hard working than you are, so stop whining and pick up this latest supplement that will help to bridge that genetic gap, provided you want it badly enough.

Sure it is true that top sportspeople have got great genetics and work ethic. However for truly superhuman performance you need ‘super’ supplementation.

Don’t try and measure yourself against professionals or use them as indicators of what you can achieve naturally; you’ll only end up disappointed and waste a lot of money.

Training should be about you and reaching your PERSONAL potential, whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 

Everyone is different, and the last thing you want to be doing is comparing yourself to those around you, least of all to those whose physical performance is their livelihood.


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