Training Truths #5: Your body doesn’t want to train

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Training Truths #5: Your body doesn’t want to train

Training is hard: your body is working against you- Unfortunately your body does not have the same goals as you do.

Its primary objective is survival, and it doesn’t really care how you look or want to be supporting more muscular weight at a low body fat, a condition that would be counterproductive and reduce your survival chances if you were exposed without food and water.

This is because unlike fat muscles use calories even at rest and are harder to break down for energy; if a fat guy and a muscular guy were trapped on a desert island with no food the fat guy would win the survival contest.

When you train you are effectively applying extra load on the body that it has to adapt to to survive.

If you run you get fitter because the body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen to your muscles, if you lift weights you literally micro-tear the muscle so when it builds back up it is adapted and stronger for next time.

The body is forced to adapt.

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Over time it gets used to a certain level of stimulus; so if you want to progress you need to be focused and push yourself every time you train, to continue to make the body adapt.

There is of course a limit, as stated above, but many people don’t realize they need to continue to put effort over time to get continued results.

The moral here is to get results you need to train hard and correctly; hopefully this blog can help you to do that by arming yourself with some knowledge.


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  2. […] Related article: Your body doesn’t want to train […]

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