Training Truths #6: Own your training journey

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Training Truths #6: Own your training journey

You need to take ownership of your training – I am fully aware that fitness and exercise are pretty boring to many people and I am certainly not advocating that you need to become an expert in biology in order to train correctly and successfully.

However imagine your body as a building, with training a renovation project to make it bigger or more streamlined with more efficient systems.

Fundamentally, it is a unique building.  You can pay a lot of money for architects to come in and design it for you and their advice might sound good but unless you have some knowledge you can never be sure if their vision is going to work, or if they are telling you want you want to hear.

In a real renovation project you would want to be as involved in the design as possible, right? It is after all your home and you have to live there.

It is stretching it a bit but the point I am making is that your body is unique, you alone know it the best, and obviously it is the most prized possession you will ever own.

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Are you going to trust other people to lead you blindly?

When I look back over my time lifting and exercising with friends the ones who have got the best results are the ones who have read up about what they’re doing and taking ownership of their training.

Knowledge will also help you weed out the good advice from the mountain of bullshit.


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