Training Truths #7: Stick with a program

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Training Truths #7: Stick with a program

Find a program and stick to it- This is a principle that can easily get lost in the waves of information and misinformation flooding the average gym-goer.  As I keep stating it is consistency over time that will generate a favourable result.  Again this is where the industry is working against you- it wants you to throw information at you so you are confused and subsequently try a new fad every three months whilst going nowhere.

Adaptation and progress takes time- if you started taking a multi-vitamin that had to be taken every day for a month to be effective how would you know if it worked if you stopped after the first week? This point ties in with the consistency principle: don’t over complicate and stick with what you’re doing for at least 8 weeks. As the saying goes it is better to put 100% into an average program than put 50% into an excellent one.



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