Click for the SECRET to SUCCEED at training and life!!

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Click for the SECRET to SUCCEED at training and life!!

If you’re reading this then firstly: thanks for coming. 

Secondly: I apologise for the use of caps lock and a promise to make you click, it was a cheap move.

Thirdly: I’ve lied to you, there is no secret.

Wait, before you hit the X button I do actually have a real message.

There is something you can do to succeed at training and life in general, it’s just that it’s no secret.


It’s pretty simple to implement.  If you say to yourself you’re going to do something, no matter how small, make sure that, NO MATTER WHAT, you do it.

If you tell yourself that you’re going to go to the gym 3 times a week, then you don’t ‘try’, you DO IT.

If you say you’re going to save £500 next month, you work out a way, and you DO IT.

If you say that next year you are finally going to find a job that you love, you start research now, and you DO IT.

Cut the word ‘try’ out of your vocabulary.  “I’m going to try and get it done next week”. “I’m going to try and workout tomorrow”.

You see how weak that sounds?  You’re giving yourself a get-out clause a week in advance! No wonder when the day actually arrives you sack it off!

I don’t know about you but I want to be known as someone who gets shit done.

Anyone can talk.  We all know people who can complain about their lives, their weight, their misfortune until the sun goes down.  How they are waiting for such and such to happen before they make their move.

Well, guess what, it’s no coincidence that those people don’t move forward: they either don’t start, or they start and then they stop.


You might wonder why the top image is a seemingly unrelated (but very cool) photo of a freeride mountain biker, Cam Zink.

Just for reference, he is in the middle of a 360 degree spin, and he took off from the Oakleys hut you can see above him.  The landing is not even in the picture, but the overall drop was around 50 feet; basically a rocky cliff and a huge and dangerous gap to even just jump, let alone 360 down.

This was a part of RedBull’s annual Rampage event: a contest where the best freeride mountain bikers try and out do each other for tricks, style and just all out fearlessness, like the drop in the picture.

RedBull Rampage.  Photo courtesy of

RedBull Rampage. Photo courtesy of

It is relevant because normally in such contests the riders don’t really tell each other what they plan to do in their run: it is a bit like a football team not giving away its tactics before the match, because if you say what you’re going to do your rival might adjust their plan to try and beat you.

But as soon as he saw this gap, even during practice, Cam Zink said he was going to 360 it: he ‘called it’ early.

Asked later why he did he said:

It’s not being cocky or arrogant. It’s what I do for me. I call out moves before contests and it makes me more committed. If I kept it close to my chest it’d give me a way out — if I tell everyone then I have to do it.– Cam Zink

Just so you know, he did land it, and walked away with 1st place.

You can do this for your own, probably less dangerous, goals.

Tell people about it. Then once you have, you have to do it.  You have to follow through.

If you make this one promise to yourself for the New Year, then I promise you, you will achieve whatever training or personal goals you set yourself.

I’ll start, and I’m telling you all so I am accountable:  

“No matter what, I am going to write 4 posts a week in 2015”

Over to you.

Write a comment telling everyone your goal, to make sure you follow through! We can support each other by holding each other accountable!



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