What do I know anyway?

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What do I know anyway?

As you might have seen in my About page, I’m not a fitness professional and I don’t have any ‘pieces of paper’ to back up what I’m saying.

So, where is the visual evidence of my results?

To be honest when I started this blog I deliberately tried to avoid having to post pictures of myself or other ‘physique’ style photos.

Not because I’m shy, but because of two reasons.

  1. This isn’t a ‘transformation’ blog! This is a counter blog to the traditional ‘look at this transformation!’ thing you see a lot.  My message is about realistic results and a deliberate ‘de-hyping’ of the whole fitness and training game: I didn’t want to be seen to be going down that same road.
  2. My physique isn’t good enough!  These days, unless you’re 8% bodyfat and over 200 lbs ‘you don’t even lift’: the use of drug-assisted models in fitness advertising has meant that a genuinely natural physique is considered small.

But I have realised that I want to back up what I’m saying with action.  I’m not changing my principles or the message of this blog, but I believe that by sharing with you my own results and training I can better connect with you and support you in your training journey.

So this is me, taken today.


At this point I would love to tell you that I still have a long way to go in terms of development, or that I’m going to ‘transform’ myself through working harder, upping my intensity at the gym or tightening up my nutrition.

I can certainly keep improving, but after all this time training the truth is I won’t be physically changing that much, no matter how hard I try, without drugs.

After hitting the gym three to four times a week for year after year, pushing myself and ever-improving at training this is what I have achieved.

I still believe I have some way to go in terms of strength, flexibility and conditioning.  I still love training.  That is what keeps me motivated and pushing myself.  But I know that my genetics are the big decider in terms of how big I will ever get naturally, and I’m not going to expect much in that department.

This is why training for mass and building muscle should not be your priority (see full post here).  Don’t listen to supplement company X: in terms of your size you will get what you get from your genetics, not because you are drinking 3 protein shakes a day.

Why listen to me?

I know that many people want to be in shape, to be fit and healthy.  But standing in the way of that goal, ironically, is the mainstream fitness industry.

I want to help and motivate people to see past the propaganda, and reap the benefits of real expectations, real results and empower themselves with knowledge.

I have trained week-in week-out for almost 8 years because I love it.  When I first started it was about the looks and the performance on the rugby field: as I have learned and grown it has become a mental necessity and a lifestyle.

I genuinely have a passion for discovering my capabilities and the capabilities of the human body. Physical training has been a cornerstone of my discipline, self-motivation and ambition in life as a whole.

I believe that training for physical goals, and reaching them, can make you a better person.

I hope I have gone some way to proving that I actually live this philosophy.

In 2015 I will be starting a personal challenges series, where I will be setting myself training targets and posting my progress towards them, to help each other reach our goals.

Remember, this is a community: together we can all stop falling for the gimmicks and get real, lasting results.



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  3. Summer says:

    Good to find an expert who knows what he’s talinkg about!

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