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Training for the 80

Firstly, for those of you that celebrate it I would like to wish you

Merry Christmas!

For anyone who has taken the time to read any of my posts, for those of you who have subscribed and messaged me in support I truly thank you for inspiring me through these early days of the blog.

Together I hope we can continue to debunk the myths and misdirection of the fitness industry and spread the message that through knowledge and perseverance, realistic and sustainable fitness goals can be achieved by anyone.

Let’s stop falling for the gimmicks!

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I’ll keep this brief but in the spirit of spreading the message of how sustained effort and perseverance pays off, I also wanted to share with you a quick video you may have seen from probably my all-time favourite sportsman, England rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson.

He is someone who has always been a source of inspiration for me, and although some might find his methods a little too ‘obsessive’ I think his work ethic and determination are something we can all aspire to when it comes to our own training, and our attitude to life in general.

At the time of winning the World Cup in 2003 aged 24 he was regarded as the best player in the world, and he was renowned for his insane work ethic and intensity in everything he did.

Absolutely committed on the field (he used to knock down players 5 stone [30kgs] heavier than him!) he really made his name for being a perfectionist in training.

He was never satisfied however well he performed and he was famous for carrying on with training on right through Christmas Day.

What is really interesting for me is that despite his achievements (and there are a lot, including having the mental strength to come back from serious injuries over and over again) he is not and was never regarded as truly ‘gifted’ in terms of talent compared to other professional superstars.

He had to work for everything he got.

In this video he talks about his approach to life and the game of rugby: you put in consistent and dedicated effort every session, and over time you forge the mentality where you cannot help but produce great results.

(If the video doesn’t work, click here)

I hope that this inspires you.

This is exactly the kind of long-term dedication that is required to achieve fitness goals.

It won’t necessarily make you the best player in the world at your sport, but it will make you the best version of yourself.

And that is all that you can ask for.

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Merry Christmas to you all once again and thank you for the support!




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