My New Year’s Resolutions

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My New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year’s resolution.  Either one of the strongest or most fragile things in existence.

As I mentioned in my post on New Year’s resolutions mistakes I believe that resolutions should be specific, realistic and accommodating, if they have any chance of surviving past February.

I also believe they should be recorded somewhere, so that you can remind yourself of what you promised.

You might not manage to keep them all, or they might change somewhat as your year unfolds.  But the important thing is that you make that promise to yourself, and that you follow through.

I really think that that is the ‘secret’ to fitness and life: you move forward by becoming that rare person who does what they say they will.  You follow that pattern for everything you do and there is no way that you can’t progress.

This is the principle to training that everyone should adhere to.  Lasting change and results take consistency and time.  

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How do you stay consistent over time?  Through making your goals your lifestyle.  Live your philosophy.  Change the way you think.

This isn’t easy.  Old habits really do die hard, especially if the new habit is difficult.  This is why follow-through is the real key to everything.  How do you change from a sedentary life to one where you are running miles everyday?

Definitely not by just jumping off the sofa and trying to pound out 10 k.  It might seem like the ballsy way to do it, but the struggle will probably mean your resolve is tested even before the end of the first run.

You plan small steps, and you make sure you complete them.  You start by walking for 20 minutes everyday.  After a couple of weeks you walk for an hour, every day.  Two weeks later you start to jog.

By doing this, and following through on all your steps, you’re changing your habits and starting to live your goal.

You can keep this up because you’re slowly adjusting, not diving in headfirst and breaking your back in the first week.  Before you know it you are enjoying it, and suddenly the long-term goal doesn’t seem hard at all.

Especially when it comes to fitness, people give up their resolutions because they go in too hard, and too unrealistically.  And the sad thing is, this approach is encouraged by the industry.  They just want your money, to get you to buy needless products and sign up to gyms for a year with the promises that in 6 weeks you’ll be a ‘new you’.

If 6 week fitness was a real thing wouldn’t everyone be walking around like Greek gods and goddesses?

I mean all you would have to do is take 6 weeks out of your schedule and bingo, you’re a living breathing statue.

Actually we all know that anything worth having takes time and effort.  The fact that the billion-dollar fitness industry keeps growing at a rate similar to the average waistline is proof that there are no shortcuts, otherwise people would be applying all these ‘secrets’ and getting the fantastic results promised to them.

Whatever you resolutions or self-promises for 2015 they won’t work without follow-through.  Make being someone who delivers what they say your number one priority this year and you equip yourself with the most powerful tool for success, in both your training and your life.

I’ll leave you with a few of my 2015 resolutions.

  • To write 4 quality posts every week
  • To change my career so I am in a position to develop this blog and enhance my training experience
  • To see to the end every task I set, to myself or promise to others.

Happy New Year.  Let’s all leave no stone unturned to make 2015 the most healthy and successful year of our lives.




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