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Photo credit: Gabriel Porras via photopin cc

Photo credit: Gabriel Porras via photopin cc

This is a blog dedicated to making achieving your fitness goals clear, simple to understand and as a direct counter to mainstream fitness industry propaganda and misdirection, who want to confuse you with false promises, inaccurate information and plain untruth in the name of profit.

I believe that training and fitness is a mentality and a lifestyle.

That however is a truth that many involved in the fitness industry don’t want you to believe.

Ever wondered why despite the hundreds of different new fitness routines, workouts and diets fitness is generally getting worse?

Why despite every new diet fad or workout secret claiming to be easy there are still so many people out of shape, or quitting their new routine after a month?

The fitness industry is lying to everyone.

Most companies don’t care about your results or whether what they are selling you is effective.  It is all about money.

In today’s have-it-all-in-an-instant culture it is more profitable to flood the market with confusing information and promises of get fit quick schemes that keep you coming back time and again, believing that you just need to find that combination of ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ promised to you.

If you’re looking for training secrets or magic potions then I’m afraid this blog is not for you.

This blog is for those motivated and willing to get naturally strong, fit and healthy the right way, who want to learn how to produce solid, lasting results and cut through the bullshit and myths that surround the fitness industry.

Why listen to me?


I’m not affiliated with any fitness brands and I’m not a fitness professional; I just have a passion for sports and physical training that has been with me my whole life.  My qualification is the fact that I do this because I love it, not because I get paid.

Like many, I was my interest in being strong and muscular first started when I was a teenager.  I loved sports as a kid, and as I grew up I started to idolise my sporting hero’s, people who seemed to be able to do things better than everyone else.  They were big, strong and fast.  How could I emulate them?

I didn’t know anyone who trained, and I certainly didn’t know anything about training.  So I started to read the fitness magazines.  My brother and I got a pull up bar and a set of dumbbells, and off we went, copying the photos and routines we read about, but not really being too serious about it.

Training in a real sense began for me at University.  I joined the University Rugby League team and wanting to get bigger and stronger I started to take physical development seriously: motivation was not a problem, I wanted to reach my goals as fast as possible.

I started to buy protein supplements, read bodybuilding forums and research training routines.  Eating as much as possible, 5 or 6 times a day; making sure I had a protein shake less than 20 minutes after I put down the weights; drinking half a litre of milk before I went to bed; performing 50 rep isolation sets; whatever the magazines, the ‘experts’ said, it I tried it.

And I truly believed it would all work.  These guys were the experts right?  These supplements were taken by the England rugby team! That guy in the protein advert maximises his results by following that routine and then making sure he gets his ‘advanced’ nutrition!

Looking back on it, it pains me to think about how deluded I really was, the money I spent and the time I wasted.  It also annoys me how long it took for me to realise I was basically being lied to.

Why I started this blog

It took me years to finally realise why I wasn’t getting the results expected, despite being consistent and following the advice of the supplement companies and fitness experts.

By trial, error and experience I have learned a lot about the truth to training and the human body: my mission here is to share this information with anyone out there who is starting their training journey or just wants to better understand how to direct their efforts, so they don’t make the same mistakes, and waste time and money like I did.

If you have the motivation to improve yourself, learn and work hard then this blog is for you.

What will you get out of this blog?  This a source of information for anyone interested in any physical improvement, from weight training to bodyweight fitness to running but doesn’t know where to start or wants to find the path to being healthy and in shape through knowledge, not shortcuts.

This blog provides:

  • Training templates for all ability levels simple to follow, effective routines that work, no fad ‘6-minute abs’ magazine workouts or overly complicated ‘professional sports’ (read: drug assisted) protocols.  I want to show you that training can be simple, efficient and enjoyable.
  • Fitness myths and misconceptions exploded- discussions of common and uncommon untruths about training and potential perpetuated by both the industry the media and ‘broscience’ (unsubstantiated and unscientific beliefs that circulate in gyms the world over- usually the opinion of the biggest ‘natural’ guy in any given gym)
  • Breakdown and explanation of core exercises to accompany the templates core exercises will be explained with tips
  • Training motivation and philosophy-  we will discuss training mentalities and motivations for leading a healthy and active life, and how training can enrich your overall well-being.
  • Personal challenges- in the upcoming future I will be setting myself physical challenges to demonstrate what can be achieved naturally with the right mindset, for you to follow and even participate in!

With new content every week, bookmark this page and subscribe to make it your go-to for all your information and advice for your training journey. 

The aim of this blog is to empower you with the knowledge you need to take ownership of your lifestyle and your training goals.

This blog should also be seen as a forum for discussion; all comments are welcome and I would love to hear your ideas and questions/opinions about the site or any of the topics discussed.

Post a comment or e-mail at contact@thetrainingtemplate.com and I will do my very best to respond as soon as possible.

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