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Welcome to PT Scuba (formerly the Training Template)

I’m an extremely lucky person.  My lifestyle happens to be my job: I’m a qualified personal trainer who works as a technical diving instructor so whether I’m being paid or not my time is spent underwater or in the gym, and that’s where I want to be.

Right now, I love my life and I’m super-optimistic about my future. But it has taken a lot to finally get here, and I’m still only getting started.

In 2015 I was what many late twenty-somethings seem to be these days: in a steady job but feeling unfulfilled, a little disillusioned about post-university life, living an extraordinarily privileged life (at least in relation to my parents) but desperate for a path to make me feel proud of myself as a person.

I had the most comfortable life, but it only made me ever more uncomfortable about how I was spending my days.

I’ve always been a gym-goer and fitness person: the gym kind of kept me sane whilst spending all the time cooped up in an office.  Every year I made time to travel and progress with my other big passion, SCUBA diving, revelling in the underwater environment and far-flung corners of the world and imagining a parallel universe where I could spend more than 7 days a year living a little adventure.

So I made decision.  I was going to stop thinking, and start doing.  I got my Personal Trainer certification and finally qualified as a SCUBA diving instructor.  And I moved to Sydney, to the place where I felt I could embrace a healthy, fitness, outdoors, water-based, movement lifestyle that I wanted and suited me.  Not a ground-breaking move, but 100% committed- office job and career quit, dive gear packed, no idea what lay on the other side.

Somehow, it seems to have worked out and now I’m living the lifestyle I’ve realised I’ve always wantedAs a diving instructor I’m 500+ certifications in, teaching and diving the deep technical wrecks and planning trips overseas to explore more.  The positive environment and movement intensive lifestyle I’m now in has seen my gym training progress in a way that was impossible in my sedentary office days.

This blog used to be called the Training Template, as a place to find training advice and avoid the industry gimmicks.  It’s now evolved to become PT Scuba, a place where hopefully you can find some entertainment, tips and positivity on diving, technical diving, fitness, and more specifically how to train for your lifestyle, whether that be in, under or above the water.

Live the lifestyle you want.  If you like diving and you like fitness, PT Scuba is for you.

Happy training 🙂