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Is overtraining real?

Training is a process of applying stress to your body that breaks it down; you improve because in the following days after your workout the body adapts to prepare itself if such a stress is applied again. So if for example you are training for muscle size you actually micro tear the target muscle tissue…
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Intermediate Template 1

Experience Level: 2-4 years Frequency: 3 days a week, 1 hour each session Type of template: Training splits, compound and accessory movements This template is for those who have completed around 2 years of training, (consistently going 3 times per week and training with intent and intensity, if you spend all your time in between…
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Embrace your body type

We live in an age where, rightly, equality is a keyword and a concept that is more and more embedded in the social conciousness.  It is evidently questionable to what extent it exists, one only has to have a quick look at the increasing wealth gap between the top and bottom 1% of the world…
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The mind-muscle connection & strength

One key element of training that is often overlooked is the development of the mind-muscle connection. Being aware of this and making an active effort to train it can help you get more results in both the strength and mass department. Of course, I’m not talking about huge leaps but it can tangibly make your…
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What is a good strength level?

The concept of ‘strength’ can be quite subjective. Considering someone to be strong can often depend on your own strength. For example to a person who has never touched a weight in their lives picking up 100kgs may seem impressive, but to an experienced lifter it could be barely a warm up. Similarly you might…
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The 5 core exercises

Out of the thousands of different variations of exercise out there, this is my list of exercises that you need. Your whole routine should be based around these 6, and if your goal is to create a powerful and strong functional physique then these will all do that. In fact no matter your goal these…
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