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The Deadlift challenge: Testing my max

I love the deadlift.  It’s probably the most taxing exercise, but that means the rewards are great too. Plus you get to move a lot of weight around.  What’s not to like? As I keep saying unless you have a serious pre-existing back condition, no matter who you are, male or female, you should be…
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What do I know anyway?

As you might have seen in my About page, I’m not a fitness professional and I don’t have any ‘pieces of paper’ to back up what I’m saying. So, where is the visual evidence of my results? To be honest when I started this blog I deliberately tried to avoid having to post pictures of myself…
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My training philosophy: why I do it

I realise that when you read this blog you might be asking yourself: who is this guy and what does he have to back this up with? Well I’m going to try and give you a brief résumé of my motivations and my belief behind training, in the hope that you understand my intentions and…
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Training Truths #6: Own your training journey

You need to take ownership of your training – I am fully aware that fitness and exercise are pretty boring to many people and I am certainly not advocating that you need to become an expert in biology in order to train correctly and successfully. However imagine your body as a building, with training a…
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The fitness industry is part of the matrix

I’m sure most people reading this have seen The Matrix, where humans are living in a virtual reality façade that mask the ugly reality of the world where they are used as slaves to power the machine overlords. In a parallel I’m sure the filmmakers intended to draw the modern world essentially operates in the…
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