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Natural vs Enhanced lifting

‘Natural’ or ‘natty’ is a term often heard in bodybuilding and weightlifting circles. Broadly speaking it applies to a lifter who is not using external hormonal assistance (i.e. steroids) to allow him to go beyond his body’s natural limits. The term steroids is a complicated subject in itself, with a large range of different compounds…
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Training Truths #9: Supplements are not required

You don’t need supplements- Supplementation is something that needs to be understood. It is undeniable that if you are training hard, especially in search of becoming more muscular, then you need to eat more calories and some more protein to support muscle growth and recovery.  However this increase is nowhere near the level prescribed by…
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Training Truths #3: You can’t beat your genetics, sorry

No-one can beat their genetics– This one may be harder to accept in today’s sky’s-the-limit-if-you-want-it-bad-enough false promise but despite what the fitness industry and trainers may want you to believe you can’t beat nature. By nature, I mean your physical potential. For example in terms of muscle-building this is your testosterone level, the hormone crucial…
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