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8 things all fit people do

If you want to get into shape and make 2015 the year where you start to get the body or performance you want you have to change your habits. Long-term health, fitness and performance comes from following a lifestyle and acting in a certain way, not from following fads, ‘transformation’ programs or looking for the…
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New Year’s resolution mistakes

Even if you’re not really one to make resolutions, January 1st is always a significant date: you can’t help but feel that you are turning a fresh page, opening a new book or writing on a new sheet of paper. The idea of a resolution can be quite seductive, and I think it’s human nature…
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4 myths the fitness industry wants you to believe

Heading into the festive season, and more pertinently the New Year’s resolution zone, marketing and media departments everywhere are going into overdrive to tap into that annual hysterical cocktail of consumption, commercialism and above all wildly over-optimistic aspiration and ‘self-renewal’ that occurs when one arbitrary number changes to another. We all know advertising is, let’s…
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How to stay in shape over the holiday season

(NB this is not another obvious article about trimming fat from the turkey or not skipping your workouts to stay in shape over Christmas) For many people lucky enough to eat and drink plentifully when they want the Christmas season is one of those times of year when it is perfectly legitimate to ‘let your…
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8 Gym equipment items you (might) need: Part 1

With the annual bout of rampant consumerism already upon us, it might be time when you are thinking of getting some equipment for yourself or as a gift for your closest exercise buddy. As you might expect gym equipment suffers from the same malaise as supplements in the fitness industry, in that they are always…
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What type of fitness consumer are you?

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Nutrition Part 3: Bulking and cutting diets are not for you

This is the final part of a 3 part series dedicated to discussing nutrition and training.  Read Part 1 and Part 2. If you have taken even a passing interest in bodybuilding, weight training or strength sports such as rugby two words you will come across sooner rather than later are ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’. These…
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Nutrition Part 2: Supplements should profit you, not the industry

(This is part 2 of a 3 part series on nutrition and training.  Read part 1 here) If you read Part 1 on the basics of nutrition and how it shouldn’t be complicated I mentioned that I don’t believe supplements to be a complete waste of time. However I do believe they should be understood…
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Nutrition Part 1: it’s not rocket science

This is part 1 of 3 posts focusing on Nutrition and how it applies to training.  Whether you’re new or familiar to the fitness game and the fitness industry one thing you will be aware of is nutrition. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.  It is a huge buzzword when it comes to fitness, and it is often…
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Is Usain Bolt clean?

Following up my Lance Armstrong post, I’ve had a few questions regarding my opinion of Usain Bolt. Let’s be clear: Bolt has never officially failed any drugs test, he has an absolutely clean slate right now with regards to any evidence of taking performance enhancing substances that are banned by the International Olympic Committee, or…
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