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My training philosophy: why I do it

I realise that when you read this blog you might be asking yourself: who is this guy and what does he have to back this up with? Well I’m going to try and give you a brief résumé of my motivations and my belief behind training, in the hope that you understand my intentions and…
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The modern dysfunction

I’m doing it right now, and you are probably too. It’s something most people do for 80% of their waking hours. Sitting down. When it comes to functionality, flexibility and strength, this is probably one of your main enemies. The human body was not evolved to be seated and in fact if you compare homo…
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Beginner Weight Training Template 1

Experience Level: 0-1 year Frequency: 3 days a week, 1 hour each session Type of template: Full body, compound movements This template is for the complete beginner, or those coming back to training after a long time off and looking to get back into it. You are in the gym three times a week, with…
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Training Truths #6: Own your training journey

You need to take ownership of your training – I am fully aware that fitness and exercise are pretty boring to many people and I am certainly not advocating that you need to become an expert in biology in order to train correctly and successfully. However imagine your body as a building, with training a…
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