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The 5 core exercises

Out of the thousands of different variations of exercise out there, this is my list of exercises that you need. Your whole routine should be based around these 6, and if your goal is to create a powerful and strong functional physique then these will all do that. In fact no matter your goal these…
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Training Truths #7: Stick with a program

Find a program and stick to it- This is a principle that can easily get lost in the waves of information and misinformation flooding the average gym-goer.  As I keep stating it is consistency over time that will generate a favourable result.  Again this is where the industry is working against you- it wants you…
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Training Truths #5: Your body doesn’t want to train

Training is hard: your body is working against you- Unfortunately your body does not have the same goals as you do. Its primary objective is survival, and it doesn’t really care how you look or want to be supporting more muscular weight at a low body fat, a condition that would be counterproductive and reduce…
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Training Truths #2: Consistency is the most important part of your training

Consistency over time breeds results- as I have said if you’re looking for a secret tip to getting in shape/ripped/huge etc. in 3 months then you may as well stop reading now. As a pure beginner you will see initial quick changes but after your first year the change will slow drastically. Simply put if…
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What’s your mentality?

The right attitude.  These are words we all hear at some point, often from our teachers or our parents in reference to our performance at school.  You need to have the right attitude to succeed, they would say. And they we absolutely right; having the right mental approach to any task will increase its likelihood…
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