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Women and weight training

One of the major myths or beliefs out there is the idea that men and women have to approach training differently. Just like colouring toys for boys in blue and girls in pink there is a clear separation of how the advertising world targets its two markets. Just a quick glance at the headlines of…
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My training philosophy: why I do it

I realise that when you read this blog you might be asking yourself: who is this guy and what does he have to back this up with? Well I’m going to try and give you a brief résumé of my motivations and my belief behind training, in the hope that you understand my intentions and…
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The modern dysfunction

I’m doing it right now, and you are probably too. It’s something most people do for 80% of their waking hours. Sitting down. When it comes to functionality, flexibility and strength, this is probably one of your main enemies. The human body was not evolved to be seated and in fact if you compare homo…
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The fitness industry is part of the matrix

I’m sure most people reading this have seen The Matrix, where humans are living in a virtual reality façade that mask the ugly reality of the world where they are used as slaves to power the machine overlords. In a parallel I’m sure the filmmakers intended to draw the modern world essentially operates in the…
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What’s your mentality?

The right attitude.  These are words we all hear at some point, often from our teachers or our parents in reference to our performance at school.  You need to have the right attitude to succeed, they would say. And they we absolutely right; having the right mental approach to any task will increase its likelihood…
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