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Beginner Weight Training Template 2: Adding exercises

Experience level: 0-1 years Frequency: 3 days a week Type of Template: Alternative compound movements, introduction of accessory movements, linear progression You can use this template in two ways: You have been using the Beginners Weight Training Template 1  (BWTT1) for a few months and are looking to change it up and learn some new…
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What sort of physique can I get?

Naturally when people train, an underlying or even principle factor in doing so is for appearance: how can I get a good physique?  Or if I train in a certain way what sort of physique can I obtain?  Can I look like celebrity X or model Y? Do you even need to be in the…
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Beginner Weight Training Template 1

Experience Level: 0-1 year Frequency: 3 days a week, 1 hour each session Type of template: Full body, compound movements This template is for the complete beginner, or those coming back to training after a long time off and looking to get back into it. You are in the gym three times a week, with…
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