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When I couldn’t do a pull-up

The first time I lifted a weight I was probably about 15.  The first time I did a pull-up?  Probably when I was about 10 or something, I really can’t remember. The point is it was a long time ago that I was a complete beginner to training.  And sometimes that makes it hard to…
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Beginner Weight Training Template 2: Adding exercises

Experience level: 0-1 years Frequency: 3 days a week Type of Template: Alternative compound movements, introduction of accessory movements, linear progression You can use this template in two ways: You have been using the Beginners Weight Training Template 1  (BWTT1) for a few months and are looking to change it up and learn some new…
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The Bodyweight Training Template 1: No Equipment Needed

Bodyweight training comes in two forms: with and without equipment. Pure bodyweight training would be a situation you could find yourself in when at home, or not able to access any kind of apparatus: there is nothing for you to hang off of or push against, it is purely how you can use your body…
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Beginner Weight Training Template 1

Experience Level: 0-1 year Frequency: 3 days a week, 1 hour each session Type of template: Full body, compound movements This template is for the complete beginner, or those coming back to training after a long time off and looking to get back into it. You are in the gym three times a week, with…
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Starting a training journey

When I talk about training, I’m talking about the process of incrementally improving your physical performance through making your body adapt to the stresses you apply upon it when you workout or exercise. This could be training the endurance of the legs and the cardiovascular system to run further and faster or the building up…
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