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THE best abdominal exercise

Among the most common fitness questions, alongside how to get a bigger bench press or slim toned legs is the one that most people get into exercising for: the flat or 6-pack stomach. There are a lot of guys who can be pretty muscular but still have a belly or an undefined mid-section.  Equally there…
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The Bodyweight Training Template 1: No Equipment Needed

Bodyweight training comes in two forms: with and without equipment. Pure bodyweight training would be a situation you could find yourself in when at home, or not able to access any kind of apparatus: there is nothing for you to hang off of or push against, it is purely how you can use your body…
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Do this and be better at sports

Weight training and training in general is not the goal for most people (unless you do Crossfit, where exercise is the goal). Most likely you train because you want to be better at another activity you run because you want to do better in your next race, you lift weights specifically  because you want to…
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Free weights vs Machine weights

What’s the difference?  Which one is more effective?  In this post I’m going to outline the pros and cons of each one and where they have their place. What are free weights? As the name implies free weights are weights that are not fixed.  This includes barbells, dumbells, weight plates, kettlebells etc.  These are the…
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The modern dysfunction

I’m doing it right now, and you are probably too. It’s something most people do for 80% of their waking hours. Sitting down. When it comes to functionality, flexibility and strength, this is probably one of your main enemies. The human body was not evolved to be seated and in fact if you compare homo…
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