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Does a six-pack equal health?

Ripped. Shredded. Diced. Cut. No, I’m not describing the options control panel of an abattoir, these are all actually ways to compliment someone’s physique. What it means is that you have very low body fat to the point where you have a lot of definition, most noticeably in the stomach area: basically you have the…
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What type of training should I do to lose fat?

Everyone’s favourite fitness subject: how to lose fat and be lean. Number one, like building muscle, fat loss has its foundation in the kitchen: you could hire the most expensive personal trainers with the most cutting-edge gym and you wouldn’t lose fat if you were still eating cheeseburgers everyday. As everyone by now already knows,…
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How many sit-ups should I do to lose fat around my waist?

On a list of common fitness questions I think this would be in the top ten, maybe even the top five. To be honest I’m not sure exactly where the origins of the sit-ups = six pack and washboard stomach even are, though undoubtedly you’ll be able to trace it back to some company selling…
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