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The Top 10 ways to build muscle

For the volume of material that is and has been written about it, you might think that building muscle is a highly complicated process. Certainly when it comes to trying to eek out the last one percent of performance at a high level it can get quite scientific and complex. But for most of us…
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Why I would do steroids

You might have heard that world athletics is in ‘crisis’ according to the IAAF chief, Lamine Diack following a German documentary which claimed that the ‘majority of Russian athletes dope’ along with allegations that the IAAF itself have covered up or not reported positive tests. Since steroids were introduced into the public consciousness via Ben…
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Why is it so hard to find a good gym?

When I move to  a new place the number 2 thing on my priority list after accommodation is finding a place to train. I’ve moved quite a few times in the last few years, and as a result I’ve checked out and trained in a lot of different gyms.  But it has always taken me…
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What is natural, anyway?

A term I’ve used a lot is natural.  Someone is natural or training natural. What do I mean exactly?  Evidently it means no drugs are involved, of the performance-enhancing variety.  But what about supplements like protein powders, pre-workout caffeine drinks?  What about creatine supplements, that are apparently meant to be ‘cycled-on and off’? Can you…
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The origins of ‘Do you even lift?’

“Do you even lift?” If you’ve dabbled at all in the fitness world, read any fitness forums or read the comments of any fitness-related YouTube videos you have probably heard this now famous phrase. For those that haven’t it’s basically meant to be an insult- you’re questioning someone’s legitimacy in giving their opinion on fitness…
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Why would they lie to you?

For me, an amusing part of the Christmas run-in was, and is always, the explosion of perfume adverts. Basically if you have no idea of what’s going on but there is a montage of an attractive man/woman jumping off a cliff or clicking their fingers in a suit, you’re probably watching a perfume advert. How…
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The REAL short-cut to fitness results

I was a about 12 when I first realised I liked fitness.   At my school we used to have Wednesday afternoons dedicated to what we called ‘games’; you basically got the whole afternoon off to play sports. I didn’t really appreciate it back then but I know now that at school, if you’re no…
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My New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year’s resolution.  Either one of the strongest or most fragile things in existence. As I mentioned in my post on New Year’s resolutions mistakes I believe that resolutions should be specific, realistic and accommodating, if they have any chance of surviving past February. I also believe they should be recorded somewhere, so that you…
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4 myths the fitness industry wants you to believe

Heading into the festive season, and more pertinently the New Year’s resolution zone, marketing and media departments everywhere are going into overdrive to tap into that annual hysterical cocktail of consumption, commercialism and above all wildly over-optimistic aspiration and ‘self-renewal’ that occurs when one arbitrary number changes to another. We all know advertising is, let’s…
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What type of fitness consumer are you?

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