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Athletics in ‘crisis’- why doping isn’t cheating

It’s dark, dark days for athletics. Suddenly even the big names are getting implicated with doping.  There seems to be a new Lance Armstrong-esque investigation into a household name every other week.  Chris Froome, Mo Farah and now the GB golden girl herself, Paula Radcliffe. We’ll see the same old statements and the strenuous denials,…
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It’s not all about hard work

The world of professional sports has recently been very kind to the media industry, in that there seems to be plenty of scandal to write about. Specifically, the question of doping and performance enhancement. There has been the ongoing saga of Justin Gatlin’s ‘moral’ eligibility to compete after serving two drug bans, exacerbated by his…
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Hype and reality don’t mix

The motto of this site is: debunking the myths and making fitness simple. Why do I focus on these two aspects when it comes to training?  Well, it’s because they are a direct counter to the two biggest reasons why so much time and money is wasted in the industry. Hype and gimmicks. I’m fully…
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6 myths about Squats

As those of you who follow this site know, I’m a big fan of squats.  I truly believe that they have a part to play in everyones routines, regardless of your goals. I don’t mean everyone should be low-bar powerlifting as much as they can handle but the movement is such a fundamental ingredient of…
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Does a six-pack equal health?

Ripped. Shredded. Diced. Cut. No, I’m not describing the options control panel of an abattoir, these are all actually ways to compliment someone’s physique. What it means is that you have very low body fat to the point where you have a lot of definition, most noticeably in the stomach area: basically you have the…
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How many sit-ups should I do to lose fat around my waist?

On a list of common fitness questions I think this would be in the top ten, maybe even the top five. To be honest I’m not sure exactly where the origins of the sit-ups = six pack and washboard stomach even are, though undoubtedly you’ll be able to trace it back to some company selling…
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