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It’s not all about hard work

The world of professional sports has recently been very kind to the media industry, in that there seems to be plenty of scandal to write about. Specifically, the question of doping and performance enhancement. There has been the ongoing saga of Justin Gatlin’s ‘moral’ eligibility to compete after serving two drug bans, exacerbated by his…
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My training philosophy: why I do it

I realise that when you read this blog you might be asking yourself: who is this guy and what does he have to back this up with? Well I’m going to try and give you a brief résumé of my motivations and my belief behind training, in the hope that you understand my intentions and…
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Training Truths #2: Consistency is the most important part of your training

Consistency over time breeds results- as I have said if you’re looking for a secret tip to getting in shape/ripped/huge etc. in 3 months then you may as well stop reading now. As a pure beginner you will see initial quick changes but after your first year the change will slow drastically. Simply put if…
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