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It’s not all about hard work

The world of professional sports has recently been very kind to the media industry, in that there seems to be plenty of scandal to write about. Specifically, the question of doping and performance enhancement. There has been the ongoing saga of Justin Gatlin’s ‘moral’ eligibility to compete after serving two drug bans, exacerbated by his…
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Lance Armstrong should have kept his titles

It is certainly the most infamous event in cycling history, and it probably has a claim to be the most infamous in sports full stop. I’m sure everyone even without an interest in sports was aware of the sensational scandal when Lance Armstrong, winner of a record 7 Tour de France’s, testicular cancer survivor, founder…
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Training Truths #4: Performance Enhancing Drugs are EVERYWHERE

Drugs are rife in the industry and pro sports: don’t use them as benchmarks- Following on from point 2 is the fact that it is in the interest of business to sell a false façade and keep the consumer buying and the gravy train rolling. The simple truth is that a huge majority, if not…
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