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The most important factor for progress

If you’ve come for a secret to training, I’m actually going to give you one. But it’s only a secret because it’s something people don’t consider when they approach their training.  It’s not a secret in the sense that it’s hidden or magic in any way. As I keep saying, no matter what anyone wants…
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The modern dysfunction

I’m doing it right now, and you are probably too. It’s something most people do for 80% of their waking hours. Sitting down. When it comes to functionality, flexibility and strength, this is probably one of your main enemies. The human body was not evolved to be seated and in fact if you compare homo…
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The mind-muscle connection & strength

One key element of training that is often overlooked is the development of the mind-muscle connection. Being aware of this and making an active effort to train it can help you get more results in both the strength and mass department. Of course, I’m not talking about huge leaps but it can tangibly make your…
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Training Truths #5: Your body doesn’t want to train

Training is hard: your body is working against you- Unfortunately your body does not have the same goals as you do. Its primary objective is survival, and it doesn’t really care how you look or want to be supporting more muscular weight at a low body fat, a condition that would be counterproductive and reduce…
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